Toughest Mudder Chicago Preview!
Eric Dymesich joins us to talk about his WTM experience and preview the Toughest Mudder Chicago course. Eric is new to the WTM community, with one World’s Toughest under his belt. He earned his 50 mile bib in his first trip to Lake Las Vegas. Eric talks about some tips on how to get the brown bib in your first attempt as well as talking about why World’s Toughest Mudder was such a meaningful event in his life.
Eric is an Iraq war veteran and he talks about how the camaraderie on the course at WTM is the closest thing he’s found to the military since he left the service.
Toughest Mudder Chicago will be a flat course, but a wet course. Not only will the obstacles have you in and out of the water, there is a river crossing, and a HIGH chance of rain during the event. Wet = Cold. Bring your wetsuits.
In addition to discussing the course, Will Hicks talks about the elites and who he expects to win. One dark horse: Amelia Boone. She hasn’t announced anything but Will thinks she’s going to make a surprise appearance to claim an Elite Contender spot and secure a shot at $50,000 in Vegas this November.
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