Toughest Mudder Chicago Podium Interviews
Will talks with every member of the podium from Second to Fifth Place.
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Episode 039 Table of Contents
0:00 Intro
0:40 Tough Mudder News
5:45 Toughest Mudder Chicago Start Line Audio with Sean Corvelle
10:35 Matt Lister, 2nd Place Male with 50 miles
26:15 Zoe Chazen, 2nd Place Female with 40 miles
48:15 Tyler Nash, 3rd Place Male with 50 miles
1:00.30 Chikorita, 3rd Place Female with 40 miles
1:10.10 Kris Mendoza, 4th Place Male with 45 miles
1:31.45 Morgan Mckay, 4th Place Female with 40 miles
1:48.00 Miguel Medina, 5th Place Male with 45 miles
2:03.40 KC Northup, 5th Place Female with 35 miles
2:17.35 Outro. Leave a review on iTunes.
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