On today’s episode we talk with the only four people to compete in all six Toughest Mudder races this year.
Jim Campbell, Melissa “Sharkbait” Dugan, Sara Knight, and Mark James ran each Toughest Mudder race this year in Los Angeles, Atlanta, the UK, Philadelphia, Whistler, and Chicago.
You want to know which Toughest was the toughest Toughest. We start with each of them telling which of the six races they thought was the toughest.  Then we talk with them about the Toughest Mudder series as a whole, and about each race individually. We wrap up by getting each of their rankings of all six races. Which race was the toughest? Second toughest? All the way down to sixth toughest.
And then finally, we assign point values to those rankings, add up the scores of each venue and give a definitive answer to the question: “Which Toughest was the toughest Toughest?
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