World’s Toughest Mudder is coming up fast. TMHQ has just released the official rules for 2018 and we spend this entire episode breaking them down.

Many of the rules are unchanged from years past, but there are several new ones to be aware of. Among the new rules: Age Group award, $10,000 bonus for the winning man at 115 miles and the winning woman at 95 miles, and no more bibs for most laps overnight.

We also talk about the number one cause of disqualification (Hint: It’s quitting), how to get medical treatment without being removed from the race and what to do if you need water wings at the obstacles with water.

0:00 Intro
2:40 Merrell Shoe Giveaway! Drumroll please.
4:35 World’s Toughest Social Media Team
5:26 Let’s talk rules for 2018
6:21 Section 1: Introduction
8:00 Section 2: Awards and Prizes
13:07 Age Group Awards
18:04 Section 3: Athlete Conduct
19:49 Section 4: Race Procedure
23:11 Section 5: Equipment
24:50 Section 6: Pit Crew (Can I bring my kids)
26:58 Section 7: Nighttime Rules
29:02 Section 8: Medical
31:13 Section 9: The First Hour
32:15 Section 10: Team Relay
34:20 Wrap-up

We are giving away five pairs of Merrell Trail Running Shoes in our next five episodes. Text TOUGH to 228-28 to be entered to win.

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