Mike discusses Tough Mudder changes with Mark Jones, a veteran both of the military and of the sport of obstacle course racing! We all have our opinions of what the lack of prize money means but we felt that it is vital to hear directly from an elite himself!

Following that conversation you will hear a lot of content from the final Polar Bear Challenge at Shale Hill in Benson, VT! Interviews include members of our own team, elites, one of the founders and more!

0-9:46 – Intro
9:46 – 39:15 – Mark Jones on Tough Mudder
39:15 – 45:45 – Polar Bear Pre-Race Meeting
45:45 – 1:29:00 – Polar Bear Interviews
1:29:00 -end – Outro

Next weekend we will remain calm and figure out an episode for your lovely face!


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Intro music – “Streaker” by: Straight Up
Outro music – “Iron Paw” by: Dubbest


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