This weekend Mike and Katelyn traveled down to Wildwood, NJ to participate in the Mud Hen Brewing Company Half Marathon, 8k and IPA 5k! Unfortunately the IPA 5k was cancelled due to a tornado warning, but luckily the rest of the weekend turned out to be great running weather!

Listen as Mike runs the 8k and Katelyn runs her very first half marathon. You will also hear from elite athletes, vendors and the race director and Founder/CEO of DelMoSports, Stephen Del Monte!

0 – 2:56 – Intro
2:56 – 5:24 – News
5:24 – 9:17 – Content Preface
9:17 – 22:00 – 8k
22:00 – 29:38 – Vendors
29:38 – 47:33 – Half Marathon
47:33 – end – Outro

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Bonefrog Beer

Beni Gifford vs Jack Bauer

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Samurai Sprint 2018 Video

OCR Discord (where awesome people cheer you on)

Next weekend we will be down in Greenville, NY where Mike will be doing the 8 hour Cinco de Mjolnir at Viking Obstacle Race!


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Intro music – “Streaker” by: Straight Up
Outro music – “Iron Paw” by: Dubbest



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