Mike and Katelyn drove down to New Jersey to run and cover Muckfest MS! Unfortunately, we got a cancellation text message while we were driving down. Mike then planned to pivot and cover Tough Mudder Long Island, but that was also cancelled due to the extreme heat.

Then when all hope was lost (because Mike also didn’t pack his mic to do phone interviews), Juan Carlos Correa stepped up and said that he could talk to some people at FIT for us! Thank you again, Juan!

0 – 2:23 – Intro
2:23 – 5:50 – News
5:50 – 9:38 – Content Preface
9:38 – 33:40 – FIT Challenge Interviews
33:40 – end – Outro

Next weekend we will be hearing from Angela or Jimmie after running Tough Mountain up in Maine!


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