Sunday morning Mike woke up and ventured down to Rhode Island to run the FIT Frills Trail Multilap Event, and Katelyn headed up to The Great Pumpkin Challenge at Eagle Obstacles! Katelyn was able to interview the co-owners of Eagle Obstacles to chat about their permanent obstacle course and the events that they host on the weekend!

0 – 3:40 – Intro
3:40 – 14:10 – News
14:10 – 15:33 – Content Preface
15:33 – 55:43 – Eagle Obstacles Interview
55:43 – 1:00:38 – Mike’s Recap of FIT Frills Trail Multilap
1:00:38 – end – Outro

Next weekend we will will be in Vernon, NJ to cover the Tri-State Spartan Super!


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