Thursday, July 9, 2020

Obstacle Running Adventures

This weekly podcast follows the adventures of MStefano Running, a small but dedicated team of runners that complete both road races as well as OCRs.

92. Rugged and Raw 20k!

No Katelyn this weekend but Mike has Jason Dupree on to talk about his 20k trail race, Rugged and Raw!

91. Bridgewater Police 5k, and Houghton’s Pond Trail Race with Elites!

We took it easy on the traveling for this episode and covered the Bridgewater Police 5k as well as the Houghton's Pond Trail Race! Katelyn, Meagan, Shae, and Mike all give recaps of the road...

90. Tougher Mudder Northeast with Elites!

This episode was recorded from Gunstock Mountain because we ventured to Tough Mudder Northeast! You'll hear from elites like Ryan O'Connor, Jean-Benut Boudreau, Addison Dolido, Meg Julian, Kera Perzuti and Serra Langone and many more!...

89. Killington Spartan Beast, Ultra, and Sprint with Elites!

Mike skips the Killington Beast for the first time since the Founders Race in order to go all in on media! Unfortunately his voice fizzles out pretty quickly and Katelyn steps up to conduct...

88. Bonefrog Boston with Elites!

Mike runs his first Bonefrog event and luckily it seems to have been one of the better ones Jimmie and Angela have run this year! We have been known to be somewhat critical of...
Obstacle Running Adventures

87. OCR Events Eulogy: Remembering Battlefrog, Superhero Scramble, Spartan Cruise and Many More!

No events this weekend?! We use the free weekend to discuss a series of races that we have run in the past that are either gone forever or have left our part of the...

86. West Point Spartan Sprint and North American OCR Championships Relay and Charity 7k!

Listen to Angela as she talks about her experience at the West Point Spartan Sprint in Orange County, New York! She talks about the unique obstacles Spartan Race brought to this event and whether...

85. Elite Mile, and Falmouth Road Race with Des Linden and Elites!

For the first time we are covering a road race more in depth than a simple racap! Over the weekend we covered the press conference, the expo, elite and high school mile, as well...

84. North American OCR Championships 3k and 15k with Elites!

This is a long episode but we promise that it is worth it! Angela and Jimmie ran the 3k and 15k courses at North American OCR Championships and you will hear their recap, and...
Obstacle Running Adventures

83. Tough Mudder Western New York!

Second episode in a row recapping an obstacle course race in New York. This time it was Tough Mudder and Shon tells us about his experience competing in Tougher on Saturday and running with...


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