Wednesday, September 30, 2020


The best obstacle course racing podcasts focusing exclusively on the Elite SPORT side of Obstacle Course Racing.Β The OCR Report Podcast is hosted by Will Hicks, the host of the World’s Toughest Podcast, and presented by The OCR Report, home of Overcome and Run with Heather Bode and Obstacle Racing Adventures with Mike Stefano and Katelyn Ritter.

187. BoldrDash Bootcamp and Challenges with Lynn Hall

We needed some actual obstacles to play on so we went down to Exeter, RI to run on the permanent BoldrDash course! It was a really good time...
Obstacle Running Adventures - An OCR Podcast

186. Catching Up with Jason Dupree

We wanted to have Jason on to talk about how his ultra race went but ended up talking more about things that he is working on in the...

185. Hiking Recap and Live Unboxing

Katelyn and Mike went on a hiking adventure in New Hampshire and figured that it'd be a different kind of episode for this week, especially since there are...

184. Jack Bauer’s Beer Mile, Stats, and The Best OCR Venue Tournament

We wanted to have Jack Bauer on the show to talk about his incredible beer mile performance and to see how he was doing during this pandemic. ...
Virtual Race

183. Virtual Races Then and Now

Mike wanted to do an episode about virtual runs earlier on in the pandemic when they were starting to really resurface since we have a history of running...
OCR Talk Podcast

53. It’s a Storming

Jason and Anna talk about nothing in particular while Jason test out a new broadcasting platform along with plenty of hiccups, then Jason test streaming from his phone...
OCR - Obstacle Running Adventures - Brakken Kraker

182. Brakken Kraker on Podcasting, Rehabilitation, Shoes, and More

Mike has been wanting to have Brakken Kraker on the show again for a while! Since we won't be able to do cover events live and see...

181. Virtual Toughest Mudder Speculation with Kim DeVoss and Jessica Johnson

Virtual toughest mudder. Kim DeVoss and Jessica Johnson were awesome enough to join Katelyn on a call about the virtual Toughest Mudder which is coming up in August!...
Caterpy No Tie Laces

180. Ultra OCR Man Giveaway Winner and Caterpy Giveaway Information

Our guest for this episode disappeared so we needed to change it to a last minute giveaway episode! You'll hear who won Evan Perperis' Ultra OCR Man Audio...
OCR Talk Podcast

52. Nick Ryker – Spartan Pro Team Member

OCR Talks first ever interview, Jason talks to Nick Ryker about joining the Spartan Pro Team right as the pandemic started. Watch the video on our YouTube page


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