Wednesday, September 30, 2020


The best obstacle course racing podcasts focusing exclusively on the Elite SPORT side of Obstacle Course Racing.Β The OCR Report Podcast is hosted by Will Hicks, the host of the World’s Toughest Podcast, and presented by The OCR Report, home of Overcome and Run with Heather Bode and Obstacle Racing Adventures with Mike Stefano and Katelyn Ritter.

179. Quarantine Qorner with Erin Rost, Matt Kempson, and Logan Broadbent

We repurposed our Quarantine Qorner interviews that we did for The OCR Report into this week's episode! You'll hear from Erin Rost, Matt Kempson, and Logan Broadbent. Unfortunately...

178. UltraVirus 12 Hour Race II with Devon Yanko

We returned for another UltraVirus but this time Katelyn was the one to run it while Mike was her pit crew! We got more pit audio which is...

177. Support Your Local Gyms with Tim Guinan

Tim Guinan is the owner of Otherworld Fitness down in Frederick, Maryland! If that gym sounds familiar it could be because Mike was there early as part...

176. OCR Underground’s Live Virtual OCR with Mike Deibler

Mike the podcast host had Mike the podcast host on to talk about his show and a virtual race that he is putting on! Confused? Don't be. The latter...

175. Erin Rost’s Calling to Become a Nurse

To celebrate National Nurses Week and International Nurses Day Katelyn reached out to Erin Rost to talk about her experience as a labor and delivery nurse (which also...
OCR Talk Podcast

51. Quarantine Race Solutions

Jason and Anna talk all things virtual race in an attempt keep the goal setting and training going till things get back to normal.

174. Yeti Ultra 24 Hour Challenge with Mark Duplessis

Mark saved the day by coming on the show last minute to talk about a crazy virtual event that he took on! Blazing heat, lack of sleep,...

173. UltraVirus 12 Hour Race with Kristen Gray, and Build Your Own Obstacle Course...

More Obstacle Racing Media's UltraVirus 12 Hour Race content, we heard back from Kristen and were happy to have her on the show to get to know her...
OCR Talk Podcast

Thoughts with Jack Goras – EP 2: Calming Stream

April Fools turned reality. Here's episode 2 of Thoughts. Come step into a tranquil reality and relax with Jack Goras.

172. UltraVirus 12 Hour Race with Mark Batres

Mike ran Obstacle Racing Media's UltraVirus 12 Hour Race this weekend! He did lap by lap audio which we think is worth listening to but even better than...


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