This week, I brought trainer, nutritionist and elite athlete Josh Stryde back on the show to talk all about racing in Canada, race week prep, overtraining and the importance of recovery, and nutrition.

We start with Josh telling me all about the Spartan Rocky Mountain Trifecta weekend in Canada, which leads us to a discussion about what it takes to prepare for a triple-race weekend, from nutrition prep to recovery. Josh talks about cramping in races and the big factors that lead up to it, and how to best avoid it with proper nutrition pre- and post-race.

We then talk about the elite competition in Canada and Josh tells me more about the elite field up there. We then talk about what big trail races athletes are focusing on in Canada, and Josh tells me about some of the best places for trail running.

Josh also talks about recognizing the symptoms of overtraining and how to avoid it. That brings us to a discussion about recovery, why hiring a coach is beneficial, and the importance of mental recovery.

We end with Josh sharing some nutrition tips when it comes to training in the heat, and why and how you should carbo-load before race day.


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