This episode not only has part two of our North American OCR Championships content but also a decent amount from Boston’s Terrain Race!

First off you’ll hear from men’s relay teams (we missed coed and women teams because I needed to do my own relay), then you’ll hear from the awesome race MC Justin Manning from Medal Addict! Angela and Jimmie will follow that who discuss the 15k and our relay experience. After that you’ll hear Katelyn’s thoughts on how she felt that the charity 7k went!

For Terrain Race audio it will start off with Jimmie/Everett’s son JW, Angela, and Jimmie each talking about their time on the course. Lastly you’ll hear from Dustin Dorough who I have been wanting to have on the show for well over a year, he gives us hope as to Terrain Race’s future!

0 – 2:21 – Intro
2:21 – 5:41 – News
6:13 – 7:31 – Content Preface
7:31 – 15:18 – Relay Team Interviews
15:18 – 24:28 – Justin Manning Interview
24:28 – 52:11 – Angela and Jimmie Team Recap
52:11 – 1:02:23 – Recap of Charity 7k
1:02:23 – 1:11:31 – Terrain Race Recap
1:11:31 – 1:29:04 – Dustin Dorough Interview
1:29:04 – end – Outro

Next weekend Katelyn and Mike will be in San Francisco, CA running the Bridge to Bridge Run!


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